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Web Offers - March 2018

1. Mark's Monthly Message Audio Files - Compilation 1

2. Brainstormer

 Web Offer No.1

Mark's Monthly Message Audio Files - Comp 1

This is an mp3 file containing the first 6 Mark's Monthly Message Audio Files, each of which offers great advice and opinion on a variety of topics. Here are the contents contained on this 43 minute audio recording.

Mark's Monthly Message Audio File 1 - Checking Up On Technique (4 mins 23 secs). Even for experienced performers there is a danger that sloppy or lazy handling can spoil a performance. I explain how and when the dangers can occur and what to do about it.

Mark's Monthly Message Audio File 2 - Coping With Nerves (7 mins 15 secs). Nerves can ruin any entertainer's ability to perform properly, but there are ways to alleviate the anxiety in advance through proper preparation, and at the show itself by following the techniques revealed here.

Mark's Monthly Message Audio File 3 - Dealing With Mistakes (7 mins 49 secs). Everyone at some stage in their performing lives will have to cope with making mistakes, and how effectively you deal with these will determine sometimes how well your show is received.

Mark's Monthly Message Audio File 4 - Developing A Performing Personality (7 mins 57 secs). The longer you are involved with magic the more you will probably come to realise that it is not just the tricks that are important but how they are put across by the performer.

Mark's Monthly Message Audio File 5 - Magical Self Awareness (10 mins 16 secs). Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are as a performer? Have you or someone else ever done any sort of critique on your performances? To do so can be hugely beneficial if done correctly.

Mark's Monthly Message Audio File 6 - Making The Most Of Practice (5 mins 50 secs). Practice in itself is not enough to make you a good performer if what you are rehearsing is not correct in the first place. In this Message I explain how you can ensure that your practice time is used effectively.

Mar 2018 Web Offer Price: £10.00
(a saving of £5.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2


Premier E-Routine Download

The performer removes a deck from its case to reveal that it is not a real pack of cards at all. Casually spreading the cards between his hands the magician shows that all the cards are blank both back and front. This is what a pack of cards looks like before it gets printed.

The performer explains that in fact he has arranged the deck so that all the red cards are together and all the black ones are together. Splitting the deck he ribbon spreads one half on the table in front of the spectator, explaining that these are all the red cards, and spreads the other half across the table near to himself claiming that these are all the black cards.

Picking up the spectator’s cards he explains that although they all look completely blank, the spectator should nevertheless be able to pick out any red card that he wants even though he doesn’t believe he can see any card faces.

To prove this, the spectator is invited to name any red card. Let’s imagine that he says the 4D. Spreading the spectator’s cards out before him the performer invites him to touch any card. The selection is removed and turned over and the performer claims that the card the spectator has touched really is the 4D even though it still looks blank!

The magician now says he will try to emulate the feat with his cards. He names a black card, say the 8S, and slips out one of his blanks. Flipping it over he claims that this one is also the one he named, the 8S!

The spectators are less than convinced by this so the performer says he will prove that the two cards were indeed removed. Picking up the spectator’s 4D, he places it ‘face up’ onto the top of the performer’s pile and cuts it to the centre. He does the same with his 8S, cutting it ‘face up’ into the middle of the spectator’s pile.

The performer then states: “Because we have exchanged cards, my 8S is the only black card in amongst all of your red cards. And in my pile of black cards, your 4D is the only red one. Because of this our two cards are the odd ones out, and as a result they will stand out so much that we will actually be able to see them.”

With a snap of his fingers over the two piles the performer ribbon spreads the spectator’s half to reveal an 8S printed card face in the centre, and spreading his half one printed face is seen there too, and it’s the spectator’s freely named 4D!

This Premier E-Routine Download is a revised and simplified 2016 method for Brainstormer and consists of a pdf file describing in detail the handling with 10 full colour photo illustrations plus a link to a video performance and performer's-eye-view explanation. You will need to supply one double blank deck and one blank backed deck to make up the required set up.

Mar 2018 Web Offer Price: £6.00
(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

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