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Below you will find full details of all the evenings currently on offer to magic societies and convention organisers. The prices quoted are for UK lectures only. Overseas society secretaries or convention organisers should call for details of prices and conditions. Please call or E-mail for availability of dates.




Bringing selected content from the E-Club Pro pages to your clubroom


"I’d never met Mark Leveridge before but as I was walking over to be introduced, the first word to come to mind as I looked at him and the working area he had assembled was: ‘quality’. The care with which he had impeccably laid out his stall (literally and figuratively) proclaimed professionalism, attention to detail and, well, quality. His manner of greeting, mode of dress, friendliness, yes, you’ve got it: quality. We were not to be disappointed as his lecture progressed and this was the word that consequently remained in the forefront of my mind as he went through various routines and effects, interspersed with well crafted anecdotes and tips borne out of hard won experience. His performance and presentation, his personableness and patience as he explained and offered advice….let’s not beat about the bush: ‘quality’. An evening of magic and fellowship to be remembered and savoured. Thanks Mark."
Keith Wells, Centenary President, Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle


(Photo courtesy Allan Clarke)

This latest club evening enables me to bring to your clubroom selected elements from E-Club Pro, my online club and information resource. During the evening I will:

  • perform and explain useful moves extracted from the Tool Box
  • offer new ideas and routines for my marketed products from The Archive
  • present effects from the Vintage Vault that will never have been seen live before
  • talk through some of the interesting questions that have appeared in the Advice Centre
  • recount some of the amusing stories of my performing experiences from It Could Only Happen Live

E-Club Pro - Live! will provide a really entertaining and enjoyable evening full of magic to learn and advice and stories to entertain. The included material is normally reserved for online viewing only by paid up members of the club itself, so this is a great chance to experience some of the Club's contents live in your clubroom.

The fee for this lecture/dem evening is £150 plus overnight accommodation (where required) in a hotel plus petrol* (see below).

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How to cope doing magic at reception events



"I would like to thank you for an excellent evening. I was very pleased that we had a good turn out and everyone I have spoken to spoke very highly about your Going Walkabout lecture. Well done."
Paul Hayter, Portsmouth and District Magic Circle

Working without a table, completely surrounded, and to groups of spectators who may move, leave or join at any moment during a performance, is a challenging situation for the close up magician. In this brand new lecture I reveal a whole host of tips, techniques and ideas to make sure that you can rise to the challenge effectively. I will give advice born from experience on:

  • how to break into groups
  • how to command the attention of the spectators
  • how to manage the group effectively
  • how to cope without the use of any table
  • how to select the right tricks to carry
  • how to tailor material so that it can be worked surrounded
  • how to adapt to cramped or awkward venues
  • plus plenty more topics relevant to the walkabout magician

As well as giving my professional advice, I will also perform and explain a number of my routines which are ideal for walkabout magic making the Going Walkabout lecture of interest and value to everyone. With many years lecturing experience behind me, I always endeavour to deliver a fascinating and professionally presented evening which guarantees a good time for all those who attend.

The lecture part of the evening will normally last around 90 minutes. After a short break I will then present a dealer dem for approximately a further 30 minutes featuring some of my exclusive marketed products with the opportunity for the members to buy them before the close.

The fee for this lecture/dem evening is £150 plus overnight accommodation (where required) in a hotel plus petrol* (see below).

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Petrol Costs*

*Petrol expenses. This is charged at a rate of 12p per mile, so for instance, a 400 mile round trip would be charged at £48. Mark will be able to advise treasurers of the exact cost on arrival.