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The E-Video Newsletter is a magazine style online video programme featuring 6 interesting sections. Here are the contents for September 2017:

  • The Teach In - a selected card magically turns over inside a card box
  • Top Tips - some good advice about microphones
  • It Could Only Happen Live - I try to do the Finger Chopper on someone totally unsuitable!
  • Web Offers - background info on a major E-Book and a feature card routine
  • 60 Seconds To Success - are show deposits worth bothering with?
  • The Review Corner - I take a look at Eric Leclerc's Everlasting Sponge Balls routine

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To receive permanent access to the Teach In, Wrinkles, Top Tips, It Could Only Happen Live, and 60 Seconds To Success E-Video Newsletter sections, you need to upgrade to E-Club Pro as these segments are stored there in the Archive for Members to access whenever they wish.]

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