The El Duco/Leveridge Wallet Combo - £75.00

Watch one of the 6 supplied routines here

When El Duco originally created the wallet for his card to wallet routine, it was done in order to offer a no-palm version in a hip style wallet design.

However, the way the wallet is loaded in fact opens up a wider range of possibilities than perhaps was first envisaged, and in this special set Mark Leveridge looks more widely at the wallet’s potential and provides no less than six routines which fully use the wallet’s design.

The routines are performed and fully explained on a 60 minute DVD. Here are the details of the routines:

  1. Paired Up - a signed genuinely freely selected card is placed sight unseen in the wallet and the matching colour and number card instantly magically turns face up in the deck.
  2. Ocular Deception - an unseen card is shown to be sealed in the wallet and a freely selected card goes missing from the deck and is found to be the actual card held in the wallet.
  3. Ambitious Card To Wallet - a totally commercial routine using a completely blank deck in which a card bearing a spectator’s name jumps to the deck top twice before ending up in the wallet.
  4. Swap - two signed cards instantly change places even though one is sealed in the wallet and the other is placed reversed in the deck which is held by a spectator.
  5. Tell Tale Signs - the special set of 12 cards is supplied to enable you to do an impossible prediction effect in which a card bearing the star sign of any spectator is found in the wallet.
  6. No Palm Card To Wallet - Mark explains a straightforward way to use this wallet to perform a classic card to wallet without the use of any palming.

You receive the beautiful calf leather El Duco wallet, the 60 minute DVD and the set of special cards required for the routine Tell Tale Signs. This is a quality outfit that you will find versatile and a pleasure to use.

*Already got the wallet itself? Then I can supply the DVD with the 6 routines and the special set of cards for just £20.00*