Timed Piece - £20.00


A surprising borrowed finger ring routine.

Tricks which use a borrowed finger ring have great appeal for audiences, and this effect creates a startling piece of magic that will long be remembered by the spectators.

The performer borrows a gentleman’s finger ring and puts it under a handkerchief where it is held by another spectator.

With empty hands, the magician removes his wristwatch as he explains that the trick he is about to perform is probably the fastest trick in the world, and he wants to get a spectator to test this fact by timing how long the effect takes to complete.

The watch is held so that a spectator can see the second hand on the watch face and on his command, the performer pulls the handkerchief away from the spectator who is holding it whereupon the ring underneath instantly disappears.

So how long did it take? When attention comes back to the watch, suddenly everyone sees that the borrowed ring is linked on to the secured strap of the watch itself!

The watch can be handed to the spectator who lent the watch so that he can confirm it is indeed his ring and so that he can undo the strap and remove the ring himself.

The instant appearance of the ring on the secured strap is very strong and surprising. The handling is straightforward and extremely clean. When the ring is placed under the cloth, the magician’s hands can be seen to be empty, which is a vital component in the effectiveness of the trick.

This routine is fine for a cabaret show, or for walkabout close up or for use at tables, and there is no re-set other than folding up the handkerchief.

You receive the special handkerchief, a Vanisher gimmick (which is useful for many other effects too) and written instructions which take you through the handling.