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3. Online Video Dems - see video dems of many of our products.

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5. TricKlips - purchase individual trick Windows Media Player performance and explanation video clips.

6. TricKlips Xtra - find here Windows Media Player videos of routines NOT previously available on any DVD

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8. New Releases - a list of our latest releases with links to full product descriptions.

9. Top 20 Sellers List- updated monthly, this is a list of our top 20 selling items from the previous month.

10. E-Routines - details of our extensive range of routines produced in .pdf format for delivery by download.

11. Master E-Routines - all 12 Master Routines also available in .pdf format for delivery by download.

12. The Envelope Store - this page details our full range of envelope products.

13. E-Books - details of our range of E-Books for delivery by download.