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Each Web Offer Bundle will consist of either 2 or 3 related products which for a one month period will be available to buy at a reduced price when compared to buying the contents separately.

Below are the details of the Web Offer Bundle for this month. To receive the Bundle and save money, you must click the Add To Basket button displayed at the bottom of this page.

Web Offer Bundle - July 2016

1. Seeing Is Believing

2. The Shiner

3. The Caught Card

Price to receive all three card effects is just £20.00 (a saving of £10.00)

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.1

Seeing Is Believing

Four blank faced cards are shown and instantly they all become printed with faces!

This is a wonderful little quickie and an ideal item to carry around with you. It is easy to do and only uses four cards.

There are two handlings described in the instructions and it comes complete with all the necessary cards.

This is quick, visual magic.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.2

The Shiner




The magician shows a circular mirror which has a plain white back. It may be examined if required. He explains that this is a large version of a glimpsing device called a 'shiner' used by card cheats to secretly discover the value of face down cards.

A card is chosen from a deck, shown to all except the performer, and then left face down on the table. Taking the shiner in his hand he demonstrates how by lifting the face down card and secretly passing the mirror under it, he can get a reflection of the card's value. In this way the performer explains that he now knows the card is the 10D.

However, the spectators know that this is NOT the value of the chosen card, since this was the 4C! There is a little confusion for a moment, before the performer explains that the shiner has not told him what the selection is, but the value of the next card on top of the deck.

Immediately the top card of the pack is turned over to reveal the 10D! The spectators have hardly recovered from this rather bizarre revelation, before the performer adds that the shiner also does tell him the value of the chosen card, but you have to turn the mirror over for that - and he turns the mirror over to reveal a huge 4C now printed on the blank rear of the mirror!

Very easy to do, no gimmick cards required, this can be performed surrounded and is instantly reset.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.3

The Caught Card

This is perfect for table hopping or just to carry around - a minor close-up miracle!

Three cards are examined. They comprise of a court card and two identical indifferent cards. Each card has a single hole punched through one end.

A length of ribbon is also examined. The three cards are put together with the court card in the centre. The ribbon is then fairly threaded through all three cards via the holes in the tops. The cards genuinely are threaded and can be shown freely.

Squaring the cards, the ribbon is sharply pulled and the court card instantly jumps free of the ribbon without damaging the card in any way!

All the cards and ribbon may immediately be examined again, there is nothing to hide or steal away. No split or half cards, only three cards used. Comes with cards, ribbon and illustrated instructions.

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That's all for this month. Remember, this special Bundle offer finishes on 31st July 2016, so put your order in now. See you next month for another WEB OFFER BUNDLE.