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Web Offer Bundle - December 2016

1. The Art Of Hopping Tables DVD

2. The Envelope DVD

Price to receive both quality DVDs is just £30.00 (a saving of £10.00)

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.1

The Art Of Hopping Tables DVD

Click to watch a trailer from the DVD

The first part of this DVD  is a magical documentary as you are taken along with Mark Leveridge on one of his commercial bookings. This is an almost unique opportunity to see what happens in a professional magician's 'day at the office'.

First Mark explains everything that goes into the preparation for an evening of strolling magic - it's a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the build up to a show. Then you are there as Mark entertains his audiences - you see it all exactly as it happened!

This is then followed by an analysis of what makes a successful table hopping performance as Mark and Chris Payne look again at some of the key moments from the evening's work and discuss exactly how all the principles of performance come together.

This is the 'art' of commercial close up - it shows how all the many facets of personality, technique, audience control, and magic effects are blended into a memorable experience for the spectators.

Next there is a discussion with experienced strolling magician Stuart Bowie about many other aspects of close-up performance with particular reference to restaurant and dinner function work. Revealed in a candid and truthful way are many of the intimate working secrets of an experienced strolling magician. It is a goldmine of advice borne of genuine experience and it is highly valuable to both experienced and novice strolling magicians. 

Now the DVD concentrates on the magic itself.

Using relevant sections of live footage you will see 6 effects performed by Mark for his audiences and then fully explained in an entertaining and informal style with Chris Payne. All the magic comes directly from Mark's own current repertoire. The effects explained are as follows:

  • Spin Out - A 'flashy' card revelation and production as the sealed deck is thrown into the air and the selected card instantly appears outside the box.
  • Name Dropper - a spectator's name somehow jumps from the back of his freely named card onto the back of your business card.
  • The Hypnotised Coin - very visual four stage coin and handkerchief routine. No gimmicks or extra coins.
  • The Caught Card - very strong card release. Three ungimmicked cards with holes in one end are used. A Court card penetrates off an examined ribbon when trapped between the other two indifferent cards.
  • Copy Ring - delightful borrowed ring routine. Often gets gasps from the lay audience.
  • Aces Under Control - a simple yet strong way to produce the four Aces. Practical to use under any conditions!

All the magic has been used regularly under fire - it works! Learn these routines and you will have added some strong magic to your repertoire.

This DVD is the L&L Publishing version of The Art Of Hopping Tables which is region free and so can be played anywhere in the world.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.2

The Envelope DVD

Click to view a trailer including the complete performance of Instant Card Flight from the DVD.

One of my very first inventions was a cleverly gimmicked envelope which looked totally normal and yet which could produce, vanish or switch anything that would fit inside. The Leveridge Envelope has since been adapted for a whole range of magic effects, and its cunning secret you will learn as part of this DVD. 

But that isn't all, because over the years I have made something of a feature of my work with envelopes and have come up with a number of other great innocent looking gimmicks. The Utility Switch Envelope is a small wage type envelope which is extremely versatile and that too is revealed here for the first time on DVD. 

This is a fascinating collection of routines in which envelopes play a secret part - it'll open up a whole range of new possibilities for you.

Here is a rundown of the contents of the ENVELOPE MAGIC DVD...

1. THE INVISIBLE DECK ROUTINE - there really is NO DECK! An invisible card freely named by a spectator is slipped into an examined and signed envelope and moments later a REAL card matching the one named is removed from the same envelope. Wonderful stand up routine. (Also available complete - click HERE for details.)

2. 3 CARD TRICKY - a different take on the three card trick in which the performer claims to be able to remove a Queen which is trapped between two indifferent cards and sealed in an envelope. He does succeed but in a far more surprising way than expected!

3. CREDIT TRANSFER - an unusual trick which combines mentalism and magic. A borrowed credit card in an envelope is dropped into a book to mark a page selected by a spectator. A second book is shown to have an envelope marking the very same page - and then turns out to have the actual borrowed credit card inside it!

4. PRE-VIEW - a card is genuinely freely chosen and slipped sight unseen into an envelope. A second card is then selected and shown before being lost in the deck. Yet, immediately the second card is shown to have vanished from the deck and turns out to be the very card previously removed and placed in the envelope! Wow! (Uses the Utility Switch Envelope.)

5. LOCATOR - a spectator writes any number from 1-52 on the back of a business card which is slipped into an envelope unseen. The performer writes a prediction on another card and puts that into the envelope too. The predicted card is then revealed to be actually lying at the spectator's number in the deck! (Uses the Utility Switch Envelope.)

6. CUT AND RESTORED CARD - a single card is slipped into an envelope just big enough to hold it. The envelope is sealed and shown all round. The performer then cuts through the envelope, yet the card is removed totally unharmed leaving the envelope in two pieces. Great, practical method.

7. INTUITION - an act closer! This is one of those routines in which the spectator appears to do everything and which leaves such an impression on those who see it. Do this well and you won't be able to follow it. Mark uses this regularly in his table hopping shows.

8. INSTANT CARD FLIGHT - a fantastic, visual vanish of a card from a window envelope. One moment it is there, then instantly it visibly vanishes, the envelope is torn up, and the signed card is found reversed in the centre of the deck. Really strong routine for a close up or parlour show.

9. DEVIL'S ISLAND - an entertaining mental routine in which you predict which spectator will find treasure buried at a random location chosen freely by a second spectator. Can be done in close up, or with larger versions of the props, in stand up or stage work . Simple to do.

10. EASY JUST CHANCE - just one routine which is possible with the outstanding Leveridge Envelope which is fully described and which will produce, vanish or switch anything that will fit inside. One of those 'worth the price of the DVD' items. (This routine is also available complete as Risky Business.)

This DVD runs for approximately 1hr 56 mins and is multi-region encoded for Worldwide viewing.

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