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Each Web Offer Bundle will consist of either 2 or 3 related products which for a one month period will be available to buy at a reduced price when compared to buying the contents separately.

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Web Offer Bundle - August 2014 

1. Impossible!

2. The Caught Card

3. Heart On Your Sleeve

Price to receive all three card effects is just £20.00 (a saving of £7.00)

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.1





A spectator freely names a card (e.g. 5D) which is cut into the centre of a blue deck. The performer cuts a card of his choice (e.g. AS) into the centre of a red deck. The spectator and performer are now going to attempt to make their chosen cards reverse themselves while the packs are still inside their boxes.

Having mimed the removal and turning over of cards, the performer fans the spectator’s blue deck only to discover that there is one card face up, but it’s the AS! The magician then fans his red backed deck - and to everyone’s surprise, the only face up card in that pack is the one freely chosen by the spectator - the 5D! This seems all quite impossible but there is more to come.

Sliding the AS out of the spectator’s blue deck, the performer slowly turns it over to reveal that it has a red back! That is because this is not the AS from the blue deck, but it is the actual AS that moments before was seen to be in the performer’s red deck! And, even more incredibly, when the 5D is slid from the performer’s red deck and turned over, it is seen to have a blue back - that’s because it is not the 5D from the red deck but the actual one chosen moments ago completely freely from the blue deck of cards. That’s certainly impossible.

But there’s still more….if the red backed AS found face up in the blue deck really is the one seen moments before in the performer’s red deck, there won’t be any AS in the red deck. To prove there isn’t, the deck is handed to a spectator who is asked to quickly run through just to check that there is no AS in the red pack any longer. And if the 5D really did come from the blue backed deck, there won’t be another 5D in there either, and that pack is passed to a second spectator to look through just to check.

After a few moments both spectators confirm that what the performer has just stated is really true, and so the AS really did instantly jump from the boxed red backed deck to the boxed blue deck held by the spectator, and the freely selected 5D did the same in reverse - now that really is impossible!

This comes with one card you will need, plus written instructions and a CD containing video performance and explanation. Provide your own blue and red backed Bicycle decks.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.2

 The Caught Card

This is perfect for table hopping or just to carry around - a minor close-up miracle!

Three cards are examined. They comprise of a court card and two identical indifferent cards. Each card has a single hole punched through one end.

A length of ribbon is also examined. The three cards are put together with the court card in the centre. The ribbon is then fairly threaded through all three cards via the holes in the tops. The cards genuinely are threaded and can be shown freely.

Squaring the cards, the ribbon is sharply pulled and the court card instantly jumps free of the ribbon without damaging the card in any way!

All the cards and ribbon may immediately be examined again, there is nothing to hide or steal away. No split or half cards, only three cards used. Comes with cards, ribbon and illustrated instructions.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.3

 Heart On Your Sleeve

The magician comments that people will undoubtedly have heard of the expression ‘to wear your heart on your sleeve’. It means that someone finds it hard to conceal their emotions, and the magician offers to try the expression out on a lady spectator.

A large badge is displayed which has a picture of a heart on it, and this is given to the spectator to hold on to. All 13 cards from the suit of hearts are removed from a deck and handed to a second spectator who shuffles them. The lady helper now genuinely freely chooses any of the face down heart cards, notes its number and then returns the card to the pile which is shuffled again by the second spectator.

Handing the lady a dry wipe pen, the performer now asks her to record the number of her selected card by writing it on the heart printed on the badge. When this is done the badge is attached to her sleeve heart side down so that no one can know which card has been chosen.

The magician now takes the pile of cards and starts to show each one individually to the lady, on each occasion asking her if this is the card she chose. She is instructed to say ‘no’ on every occasion and to try not to make any difference in her reply for her actual chosen card.

Having run through all the cards the magician asks the other spectators whether they noticed any marked difference in any of the replies. Irrespective of whether they did, the performer claims to have noticed a slight variation on one of the cards and he quickly removes one card from the pile. When the badge is turned over and the card revealed - they match! The spectator really must wear her heart on her sleeve!

You receive 3 badges (one for performance and two spares. The writing dry wipes off the badge surface each time), the dry wipe marker pen and colour photo illustrated instructions.

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