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Every month we will be offering here a special

Web Offer Bundle

Each Web Offer Bundle will consist of either 2 or 3 related products which for a one month period will be available to buy at a reduced price when compared to buying the contents separately.

Below are the details of the Web Offer Bundle for this month. To receive the Bundle and save money, you must click the Add To Basket button displayed at the bottom of this page.

Web Offer Bundle - October 2014 

1. Cigarette Through Chip

2. The Clausen Chips

Price to receive both these brass chip products is just £55.00 (a saving of £10.00)

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.1

 Cigarette Through Chip

The cigarette through coin is an extremely popular close-up effect, but it has several MAJOR disadvantages:

  • the gimmicked coin cannot be shown totally openly as the cigarette penetrates it
  • you have to switch in the gimmick at the start and then switch it out again at the finish - and you are still left palming a coin!
  • if you want to perform the effect in different countries, you need to buy several different coin fakes
  • every time there is a change in the coinage style, you have to buy the trick again!

Well, all this can now change when you switch over to Mark Leveridge's CIGARETTE THROUGH CHIP. Just look at the advantages:

  • you start clean with just a single brass chip with a bright red inlaid centre, nothing else is in either of your hands.
  • you borrow a cigarette and without any switching of the chip openly push it through the chip's centre.
  • with the cigarette half way through, the chip can be totally openly shown on all sides.
  • as soon as the cigarette is removed, the chip can be EXAMINED by a spectator.
  • you are left with absolutely nothing to palm, conceal or get rid of.

The special chip supplied matches exactly the red chip from THE CLAUSEN CHIPS. In the routine which comes with the effect, the borrowed cigarette is firstly apparently shrunk and then expanded again, and then is pushed through the chip centre.

The re-set is quick, the handling, while requiring some practice, is not very difficult. Can also be done with a bank note instead of a cigarette.

This comes with the special chip, jeweller's carry box and full routine.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.2

 The Clausen Chips

This is a set of 5 expertly made brass poker chips each of which has a bright inlaid colour on both sides.

The colours are not painted on but are actually layers of thin plastic - this means the colours will not scratch off or lose their lustre.

With this set you are supplied with a 33 page booklet which describes 14 different routines and effects, all of which are visual and surprising. The special set of chips makes the working straightforward, in fact sometimes virtually self-working! Colour changes, transpos, even a neat mental effect are all described, and because the chips are so well made, at the end of every routine the chips can be left with the audience for examination.

Although there may be similar poker chips available elsewhere, this is the Rolls Royce collection!

Chips come supplied in a beautiful jeweller's box to help keep them in their best condition.

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That's all for this month. Remember, this special Bundle offer finishes on 31st October 2014, so put your order in now. See you next month for another WEB OFFER BUNDLE.