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Each Web Offer Bundle will consist of either 2 or 3 related products which for a one month period will be available to buy at a reduced price when compared to buying the contents separately.

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Web Offer Bundle - November 2014 

1. Wild Dice

2. The Borrowed Ring On Pencil

Price to receive both these Master Routines is just £27.00 (a saving of £5.00)

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.1

 Wild Dice

This is a routine which combines some of the elements of the walnut shell and pea trick with the cups and balls, and yet uses dice and matchbox drawers!

Three matchbox drawers are placed mouth down on the table and a white die slipped under one of them. The magician moves the drawers around and shows that no matter how carefully you follow the boxes, the die is always somewhere else!

The explanation is that a magic die is used. The die then penetrates the back of a drawer and when placed in the pocket vanishes to appear back under one of the boxes again!

Some people suspect that there are extra dice. And they are right! The performer lifts up the drawers one at a time to reveal a RED DIE UNDER EACH!! Immediately the boxes are lifted again to reveal a further THREE GREEN DICE! What a knockout finish!

Despite what you may imagine, having read this description, there is absolutely NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! Unlike the cups and balls there is NO LOADING FROM THE POCKETS. Everything is self contained and you can perform it entirely surrounded and with spectators up very close, it makes no difference at all!

The method is simple yet ingenious. Some practice will be required in order to learn and perfect the handling, but remember there is no palming or anything of that nature involved.

The instructions carefully explain everything you need to know to perform this routine and there are plenty of line diagrams to supplement the explanation. Comes complete with all props required.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.2

 The Borrowed Ring On Pencil

The ring on wand is one of the classic magic effects. Master Routine No.9 creates a clean, magical handling which gets away from some of the more 'obvious' methods offered elsewhere.

The performer borrows a finger ring and displays a pencil and a handkerchief. The pencil is placed flat on the table. The ring is covered by the handkerchief which is then turned upside down so that the ring is at the bottom and then lowered until it touches the centre of the pencil.

Suddenly, the handkerchief is pulled away and the ring is seen to have penetrated both the cloth and the pencil so that it is now threaded on the pencil centre.

The ring is taken off the pencil and placed on the table. The handkerchief is folded into a flat rectangular shape and laid over the ring. The pencil is then placed across the handkerchief above where the ring is covered and part of the cloth is folded back across the pencil centre - both ends of the pencil remain in view at all times. Instantly the handkerchief is flipped forward to reveal the ring is back on the pencil centre!

Finally, the ring is put away in the performer's pocket for a few moments. Both hands are shown clearly empty. The pencil centre is covered by the cloth and a spectator holds both ends of the pencil.

The ring is brought back out again and vanishes. Immediately the cloth is removed and the spectator finds his ring back on the centre of the pencil he is still holding!

Everything can be examined as there are no gimmicks. Some practice is required, although there is nothing very difficult. The routine is fully detailed and illustrated in the instructions.

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That's all for this month. Remember, this special Bundle offer finishes on 30th November 2014, so put your order in now. See you next month for another WEB OFFER BUNDLE.