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Each Web Offer Bundle will consist of either 2 or 3 related products which for a one month period will be available to buy at a reduced price when compared to buying the contents separately.

Below are the details of the Web Offer Bundle for this month. To receive the Bundle and save money, you must click the Add To Basket button displayed at the bottom of this page.

Web Offer Bundle - August 2016

1. The Mini Leveridge Envelope

2. Risky Business

Price to receive both envelope products is just £37.00 (a saving of £8.00)

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.1

The Mini Leveridge Envelope

A pack of three Bicycle card sized black gimmicked envelopes

The Leveridge Envelope is a versatile gimmicked letter style envelope which will produce, vanish or switch anything that will fit inside it. For years this envelope has been used to create a whole range of different effects, and has been supplied in more than one size (see below).

Now, Mark is pleased to announce the release of a Mini sized version of this great gimmick. Measuring approximately 95mm x 69mm, it is the perfect size for use with Bicycle playing cards or business cards.

The envelope has been constructed from long lasting black paper stock, and it is simple to use. You can place a card into the envelope and moments later show that it has vanished. Or you can display the envelope clearly empty and almost instantly a card completely can appear inside. You can even place one card into the envelope and seconds later it can be switched for a completely different one.

You are supplied with a pack of 3 of the gimmicks along with instructions which give basic directions for how to handle the envelope plus some suggestions for effects in which it might be used.

There are no full routines described, but there are some effects included for this size envelope in Forever Flapping Plus, Mark’s highly popular E-Book on magic with envelopes.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.2

Risky Business

This close up routine has great audience appeal as it taps into two things that many spectators are interested in, namely money and a chance to win some!

Three blue envelopes are shown and opened one at a time. Two are empty, one contains a £10 note which is removed, displayed and then replaced.

The three envelopes are hidden under the table or behind the performer’s back for a moment so that they can be mixed, and then they are placed out on the table.

A spectator is invited to try his luck and indicate the envelope he thinks contains the money. On selecting one it is immediately opened to reveal it is empty and one of the others is shown to have the money inside.

This is repeated a second time, but on this occasion a spectator can select two of the envelopes. Still he manages to miss the one containing the money!

Finally, one of the empty envelopes is placed to one side and the other two mixed. It’s now a 50/50 chance. But still the chosen envelope is empty. The performer says that the spectators may wonder what would have happened if the other envelope had been chosen. Well, you should never gamble because you can never win - at which point the other envelope is opened to reveal that it too is now empty and the £10 is found in the envelope which had previously been placed to one side!

You receive three specially constructed letter size Leveridge Envelopes and full instructions. These envelopes are excellent gimmicks as they allow you to produce, vanish or switch anything that will fit inside them.

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That's all for this month. Remember, this special Bundle offer finishes on 31st August 2016, so put your order in now. See you next month for another WEB OFFER BUNDLE.