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Each Web Offer Bundle will consist of either 2 or 3 related products which for a one month period will be available to buy at a reduced price when compared to buying the contents separately.

Below are the details of the Web Offer Bundle for this month. To receive the Bundle and save money, you must click the Add To Basket button displayed at the bottom of this page.

Web Offer Bundle - November 2015

1. Ultimate Jumbo Stretch

2. 1-2-3 Jumbo Cards Across

Price to receive both of these Jumbo card tricks is just £42.00 (a saving of £8.00)

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.1

Ultimate Jumbo Stretch

The Classic Leveridge Range comprises of a set of great re-released routines which introduce today’s magicians to some classic workable magic from the Mark Leveridge archives

Lead them up the garden path with this clean Jumbo card effect.

Three Jumbo cards are displayed - a red backed indifferent card, a blue backed court card and a second red backed indifferent card. The court card is positioned in between the two other cards and left slightly outjogged where its blue back can be seen.

Rubbing a finger on the cards, the performer claims to be melting the plastic coating on them! Reaching between the indifferent cards, the entertainer grasps the other end of the court card and starts to stretch it. Pulling alternately on both ends of the card, with the cards face up as well as face down, the court card is made to extend to twice its normal length.

Having displayed it in this condition, the magician then pushes on the ends, shrinking the card back down to its normal size, at which point it is removed and openly displayed both sides.

Suspecting that the spectators may believe he has an extra blue backed card, the performer sheepishly fans the cards face down to reveal he does indeed have a second blue backed card between the indifferent red backed cards. But when each of these three cards is shown back and front individually, it is seen that they are all INDIFFERENT CARDS!

Ideal for a close up show or parlour performance, this comes with the special set of Jumbo cards and printed instructions.

 Web Offer Bundle - Item No.2

1-2-3 Jumbo Cards Across

Two large envelopes with holes cut from their fronts ARE EXAMINED. Six all alike Jumbo cards are counted - no false counts - and three cards genuinely and openly dropped into each envelope. To a humorous presentation one card is magically sent from one envelope to the other.

Two cards are removed from the first envelope leaving it visibly empty, thus proving one card has travelled.

A second card is sent across - only one card is left to remove from the first envelope.

Finally the third card travels leaving the first envelope empty and all six cards to be counted out of the second envelope!

Ideal for adult or children’s shows, presentations for both supplied. Very easy to do. Comes with all necessary Jumbo cards, two coloured envelopes and illustrated instructions.

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That's all for this month. Remember, this special Bundle offer finishes on 30th November 2015, so put your order in now. See you next month for another WEB OFFER BUNDLE.