March 2017 Chatter

Posted at 28/02/17 - 04:11 PM

When you are organising a general magic convention you are trying hard to please a very diverse spectrum of magicians, all of whom probably come along for different reasons, and the success (or not!) of the event itself will be coloured by the particular bias of the attendees. Here are a few convention types you may recognise….

The Serial Conventioneer. This guy is usually middle aged or older and arrives at a convention with a world weary expression on his face. He’s seen it all before, nothing will be new, and he sort of expects to be disappointed. The ‘good old days’ were always so much better, the performers far more skilful and talented, and yet he will still be back next year for more.

The Newbie. He’s read the convention reports online and in the magic mags and so he knows just how great all the shows and lectures are at every event. He arrives in a frenzy of excitement, ready to absorb all the atmosphere of a top magic occasion and to be surrounded by a whole host of knowledgeable and talented fellow conventioneers. Unfortunately, the first person he meets and chats to is the Serial Conventioneer.

The Child Prodigy. Smartly dressed in a small version of a 1950’s smoking jacket borrowed from his Uncle John, the young magician is accompanied by an entourage consisting of his doting mother, his stockbroker father and his irritated and disaffected younger brother. The party sweeps through the dealer hall, pausing only long enough for the father to empty his substantial wallet on magic that his precocious son considers essential, and then disappears into the Junior Circle workshop.


The Cool Attendee. With his ripped jeans, baggy t-shirt and baseball hat worn reversed on his head, the God’s gift to magic will spend the entire convention fiddling non stop with a deck of cards while mumbling incoherently about underground performers who no one else has ever heard of. He’s way too cool to attend any of the lectures or shows, and so spends his entire time in the HQ hotel bar and never goes to bed until at least 4.30am.

The Dealers' Friend. The amateur enthusiast just loves his magic, and he likes nothing better than to spend all his time, and money, in the dealer hall. The programme of events is a mystery to him, since he never at any stage leaves the dealers. He staggers around weighed down by multiple bags crammed with the miracles that will make him a star, while sweating profusely in his padded jacket and woolly bobble hat.

The Star. He may be on the bill, or he may not, but one thing is for sure, he makes certain that no one who attends the convention will be unaware of his presence. With an impossibly beautiful woman draped over each arm, he wanders aimlessly around the halls and corridors of the convention venue, never still, yet never actually arriving anywhere, because for him it is all about being seen, not actually having any purpose.

The Competition Entrant. It’s a three day event and he will not be on until half way through the third day. He is wracked with nerves, can’t concentrate on anything, drinks inappropriate amounts of alcohol and/or coffee and has red rimmed eyes due to a total lack of sleep. Best avoid him.

Author: Mark Leveridge

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