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I would like to give all my customers the opportunity to register some positive comments about my products or services and What I LIke About... strives to do just that.

It's all too easy to moan and complain, but there are often many things which we are really happy and pleased about, but often we don't take the trouble to express those feelings. I would like to collect some positive views from you, my customers, in order to create a positive, upbeat atmosphere. It's a bit like a Facebook 'like' except that I am giving you 120 characters to tell everyone WHY you like what you do.

Please take a few seconds to tell everyone the things that you like about MLM products and services. Just click the icon above, register your comments and I'll put them somewhere appropriate on the website.

Thank you for your help!

What I Like About... The Vanisher is that I really consider this to be a worthwhile item and I feel that every entertainer should own one and use it for all manner of different purposes! Ricky Morgan

What I Like About... The Emperor's Coins from the Master Routine Series DVD is that it is a truly wonderful routine, and fabulous magic! I am really enjoying working on it at present for a meeting of the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians. Myles Hartley

What I Like About... E-Club Pro is that it's wonderful, just stellar! Thank you so much for processing my application and access. Your website is robust with excellent grounded magic. My problem is knowing where to start! Robert Lew

What I Like About...the Jumbo Leveridge Envelope is its very precise construction. It is well suited to your Jumbo Cards Across from Forever Flapping Plus and the clean operation of these envelopes means it stands in a class of its own. Ricky Morgan

What I Like About...being an E-Club Pro member, is that I love being able to see all the extra stuff that is not available just looking at the website. There is something there for everyone. It is also good to see all the tricks demonstrated. That way you know what your getting for your money. Anthony Walker, Dalkeith

 What I Like About... Mark Leveridge Magic is that he provides quite a large range of tricks, enough to satisfy you for the rest of your life and therefore there's no need to look for something else elsewhere, as it would be a complete waste of time and money! Christian Quilliot, Halifax

 What I Like About... Mark Leveridge Magic is the speedy service which is second to none. The items arrived securely packaged only two days after placing my order. John Baird, Glasgow

 What I Like About... the Witch And The Prince is that it is a fantastic card trick- so visual and easy to understand - it's the opener in my warm up before the games and really gets the children in the right mood! Aidan Heritage, Stevenage

 What I Like About... the monthly E-Club Lite Newsletter is that it has a great mixed bag of magical happenings and information. I don't know how you find the time to do all the things that you do!! - however - keep on doing it! Ian White, Cheltenham