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You'll learn a move from the Tool Box: a close up routine from the Vintage Vault: read an extract from The Strolling Magician in The Book Corner: download a bank note effect from the Download Portalwatch and learn a versatile walkabout effect via the TricKlip Viewer: benefit from the advice given to two of the 100+ questions featured in The Advice Centre: watch a video extract from a live presentation of my lecture Going Walkabout from The Lecture Room: get some great advice on how to work at cramped tables via a Mark's Monthly Message in The Archive: learn how to perform Cigarette Through Chip from The Instruction Locker: and finally save a massive 40% by buying the classic close up trick on offer in the E-Club Pro Shop.

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Members' Only pages....

 The Archive - permanent access to several of the sections to be found in the E-Video Newsletter enabling you to watch them again after the Newsletter has ceased to be current. More info.....

 The Vintage Vault - video instruction on routines Mark has not filmed before. More info..... 

 The Tool Box - a beginners' corner where you will discover video explanations of a whole range of standard moves and techniques. More info.....

 The Lecture Room - watch Mark's lectures in bite-size video segments. More info..... 

 The TricKlip Viewer - each month performance and explanation footage of one of the routines featured on Mark's professionally produced DVDs will be offered to members. More info.....

 The E-Club Pro Shop - receive a huge 40% discount on a different item selected from the MLM range each month and make savings which far exceed the monthly membership fee.  More info.....

 The Advice Centre - ask Mark up to 3 questions a month on magic topics of interest to you, get a personalised video explanation of a move or handling required in a MLM product, plus benefit from the advice offered in the huge range of FAQs. More info..... 

 The Instruction Locker - many products supplied by MLM do not come with any video instructions. This section gives members the chance to access video explanations of many of these items. More info.....

 The Download Portal - each month you will be provided with a pdf (such as an E-Routine or a Master E-Routine or some other interesting text file) to download and keep. More info.....

 The Book Corner - extracts from Mark's books will be offered here and changed each month. You'll be able to read advice or routines - all at no extra charge. More info.....

 Mark's Monthly Message -  around the 15th of each month you will receive a link to a video presentation in which Mark will be offering advice and food for thought on all manner of magical topics. More info.....

"I am well satisfied, you are doing a great job with E-Club Pro."
Richard Morris, Huntingdon

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