Going Digital

MLM will deliver all products digitally from 1st April 2017

For the last few years I have gradually turned more and more of my attention and effort towards online learning and online delivery of products. At the core of all of this is E-Club Pro, which now has over 600 pages of mainly video content and which represents the vast majority of my creative output and thoughts. The idea since it launched in January 2011 was to provide a place where magicians of all standards and ambition could find a trusted source of help, guidance and new ideas, and I am proud and pleased with the way that it has blossomed and developed over the last 5-6 years. 

With so much of my attention and focus being with the online learning side of Mark Leveridge Magic, I decided that the logical next stage of this development is to turn all of my marketed products over to a digital delivery. In other words, the aim is to provide all MLM customers with instant access to everything that I sell via an online or downloadable platform. 

There are many advantages to supplying everything digitally. With no physical mailings, customers will always receive their orders instantly, irrespective of where they live in the world. Many of my customers live outside the UK, and with no postage costs to consider, I feel that purchasers will be able to get the maximum value for their spending money, rather than having to add extra for physical delivery.

Another big benefit is that the product prices can be slashed to much lower levels, making big savings for purchasers. As so much of my magic can be supplied with either just pdf or video directions, it makes more sense to maximise this fact and it will also enable me to make available more ideas, more quickly. 

So, the upshot of this decision is that starting from 1st April 2017, I will only be selling my products via digital download. Of course, some of my current items will have to be discontinued, but a huge number of them will be able to be supplied in the new format as the props required can easily be acquired or made up by the customer. 

Between now and the above deadline, stocks of my physical magic (envelope products, brass items, leather goods etc) will not be replaced as they sell out. So if you want to get your hands on these items you need to act quickly or you could be disappointed. From the 1st April no physical items will be mailed. Meanwhile I will be starting the process of revitalising my range with more digital products as well as continuing to provide core content for E-Club Pro.