Choin - £30.00

The magician suggests that many spectators believe that ‘the quickness of the hand deceives the eye’. But is this really true? Just for fun, the performer offers to see if he can move his hands quicker than the onlookers can see.

From his pocket he removes a black jeweller’s box. Opening it reveals a blue centred brass poker chip lying inside. The chip is removed for display and then replaced into the otherwise empty box.

Next the magician takes out an ordinary 10p coin and says that with this and the chip he will attempt to test whether the hand really is as quick as legend would have it!

The chip is lifted out of the box and placed on the flat left hand along with the coin. Very slowly, the right hand removes the coin and places it away in the pocket, the hand emerging demonstrably empty. The left hand curls around the chip.

Everyone clearly saw the coin being taken away, but did they see the magician put it back again? Without the two hands coming anywhere near each other, the left hand is opened to reveal the coin back on the left fingers next to the chip!

Next the chip is lifted away and clearly shown before being placed on the table. The closed left hand then squeezes and opens to reveal that the coin has melted completely away! But that was not the quick bit. The fast part was that the performer put the coin away in the box where the chip had been. And picking up the tabled box and opening it, the magician reveals the coin now lying inside!

CHOIN uses a nicely made chip gimmick which makes the presentation straightforward. There is no re-set, so the trick is ideal for restaurant work. I have used CHOIN regularly in my own commercial work and can testify to its strong impact.

You receive the special brass chip (please note there are two versions to choose from - the English 10p version and the US 25 cent version - please select the correct 'Add To Basket' Button), jeweller’s box and full instructions featuring 14 colour photo illustrations.